Written by James McDonald

September 30, 2013

The Dream

I want to create a booklet from a PDF file, like so:



I’ve been having trouble when I try to print Booklet format under Linux so I thought I would try to capture the settings I used in a blog post.

Configure for Booklet in Adobe Reader & Print to File

This is the sample document as seen in Adobe Reader under Fedora 19 Linux.

Screenshot from 2013-09-30 21:14:29

File Print and choose Booklet Printing for the “Page Scaling” option.

Choose Print to File and send it somewhere you can find.

Screenshot from 2013-09-30 21:23:43

Open in Document Viewer (evince)

Open the resulting Postscript file (sample_document.ps) in Evince (aka “Document Viewer”). You can see how the pages have been re-ordered by Adobe Reader.

Screenshot from 2013-09-30 21:16:18

Choose to print and in the print options choose Two-sided “Short Edge (Flip)” and click print.

Screenshot from 2013-09-30 21:16:37

Why so complex

The reason I had to send the document to a file from Acrobat Reader and then re-print in Document Viewer (evince) is that when I print strait from Acrobat Reader the Duplexing options for my printer are greyed out so the resulting print prints on two sheets.

Once it’s in evince I can change to duplex and get the result I desire.

The finished result









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