Written by James McDonald

June 9, 2009

The Fedora 11 Feature List seems to cover alot of the Ubuntu 9.04 ground. Everyone seems to be on the 20 second boot wagon.

The only thing I’m presuming will be a problem is that you don’t get a one click MP3 support install as for Ubuntu.

So Fedora 11 still requires you to know how to go to the back end of the internet and find the correct plugin.

However I will give it a try, knowing that Ubuntu takes a lot of idea’s (system-config-printer) from Fedora means that it’s worth having a look at how it does things better/different.

I have always liked the Fedora / Redhat system-config-* utilities and the chkconfig and service utilities provide a one stop place to configure things.


  1. Caeave

    You are implying the Ubuntu is leeching from Fedora in terms of innovation and Debian in terms of stability. 😀

    • james

      Yes from what I’ve written you would get that opinion. But in truth I think it’s more cross pollination. I haven’t followed who did what first but I think Ubuntu slotted in upstart 1st (again correct me, anyone if I’m wrong) and Fedora has it as-well.

      To be fair the who had what first argument could just be an artifact of the different distributions release schedules and not a neck and neck race to implement a feature.

      I do think Fedora’s American Parent and the nod it has to make toward patent law and it’s seemingly more principled stand on OSS issues, means it’s more restricted when it comes to providing users with a no-brainer, one click, problem solved, way of doing things (which Ubuntu excels at).


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