Written by James McDonald

June 24, 2007

I have been using madman for indexing and organising my music and recordings for about three years. Each time a new distribution comes out I sometimes need to recompile it. Which I did recently for Fedora 7.

I did at one stage write a spec file and get it all nicely packaged as an rpm (for Fedora 5) but this time I just used it’s native scons build system and dumped it into the default of /usr/local/*

Even though it’s not always being actively worked on by the guy who designed it (largely due to his academic diversions as I understand it). It still seems to have all the features that I require and none of the gimmicky stuff that seems to breed like ticks on a bull in other Linux music managers.

There are a few gotcha’s to the compile.

  • I found that I couldn’t compile it unless I installed the scons system natively in Fedora 7
  • You have to comment a few hints out of the files
    • open designer/mainwin.ui and remove the include hints.


  • Disable m4a support – I think I did this because I didn’t have the correct faad dev libraries eg. run scons with_m4a=no

I use the standard fedora repositories and the livna
Most of the problems encountered are discussed and resolved on the madman-discuss mailing list.


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