Sometimes xpdf does the job where Acrobat Reader 8.x can’t

Written by James McDonald

March 29, 2008

Just about everything in the GNU/Linux world is working pretty much as advertised these days.

I had an interesting issue with trying to print a restaurant menu from Legends Grill at The Vintage which incidentally is where we had our Wedding reception a few years ago except the restuarant was named Apres back then.

The PDF menu is an A3 size and while trying to print it on my HP PSC1610 I kept getting it coming out the printer with the text running off the long edge as shown in the picture Bad Print

No matter what I tried with with the print options under Abode Reader 8.1.1 I couldn’t get it to print correctly. I tried printing to ps and then using evince. I also tried rotating the document with pdftk and then printing it to no effect. The program that allowed me to print this document successfully was xpdf.

Which goes to show sometimes the older style programs on Linux can help you get around minor show stoppers when the latest and greatest fail.


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