Written by James McDonald

October 7, 2009

The version number of Ubuntu is 9.04 and is based on the year and month of release. So 9.04 means 2009 month 04 (April).

Therefore given that Ubuntu maintains a 6 month release cycle we can postulate:

4 + 6 = 10

So the new release 9.10 is due this month (October).

And here’s a picture!

From previous experience with Ubuntu releases my advice if you are keen to install it hot of the press is:

Download the Live CD ISO. Burn it and boot the Live CD and test.
If you have plenty of RAM on you box you can install into a Virtual Machine and test from there (VMWare of VBox).
Identify and test critical stuff in a sandbox first… I have caught myself out several times with non-working PPTP clients and buggy rdesktop builds, which caused annoyances when I had to connect back to work.
If you’re going to spend alot of time backing up all your data and moving it to a safe place before re-installing. You really don’t want to have to roll back to a previous release because you stumble on a show stopper.


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