Ubuntu 9.04 – How to map the Windows + E keys to open Nautilus

Written by James McDonald

May 18, 2009

Goto System ==> Preferences ==> Keyboard ==> Layouts ==> Layout Options

Set Alt/Win Key Behaviour as show in next graphic

Goto System ==> Preferences ==> Keyboard Shortcuts ==> Desktop ==> Home Folder and set the Windows + E combo (it will appear as Mod4+E)


  1. harsha

    I tried it. Does not work. My screen becomes small. It zooms in and the home folder does not pop-up.

  2. james

    That is because you have compiz running. You need to disable Compiz for this hack to work: System ==> Preference ==> Appeareance ==> Visual Effects (Tab) and select the “None” option.

  3. Steve

    Thanks, this works, and does not even interfer with my GnomeDo preference (Logo+Space)!

  4. void_main

    The only difference between Windows and Ubuntu is that I actually have to release E before Windows button to make it work.
    My habit of releasing Windows before E makes it a little bit tricky.
    Any remedy?

  5. Paolo

    Awesome. I was looking for this trick for ages.

    Very big THANKS.


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