Using Knoppix to remove the GRUB password option and blank the root password

Written by James McDonald

April 8, 2008

I went on three weeks holiday recently and when I got back I had forgotten what I had configured as the GRUB and root passwords on a CentOS 5.1 box.

I ended up using two FAQ’s that I stored for future reference. One I had written – and the other I had gleaned from the Linux Users Mailing list submitted by Kurt Wall –

Because the box I was locked out of was built using Logical Volumes (LVM) I had to mount the partitions using the copyDataFromFC_LVM_to_Ubuntu.txt how to.

Removing the GRUB password and resetting root password to blank was covered in Remove_GRUB_password_and_reset_root_password.html

I haven’t updated them to be current but if you have a reasonable understanding of Linux you should be able to use them as pointers.


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