Written by James McDonald

March 10, 2024

Just had a client call from holidays in India who couldn’t connect to an IPv4 RDS environment.

The problem was the ISP connection there looked to be IPv6 and for some reason it couldn’t connect to our RDS gateway. Having them go to https://whatismyipaddress.com showed that there was no IPv4 support it was pure IPv6.

So the solution was to install a dual stack VM in Azure and get them to use it as a jump box to the RDS environment. Problem temporarily solved.

So going to try Exetel which has a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack

See my other post re Exetel Prefix Delegation and Subnetting Learnings so far

CG-NAT PRESENTS A CHALLENGE with Exetels IPv4/IPv6 offering

See my other post about using the old Exetel interface to process your CG-NAT opt-out

Exetel used to give you a static IPv4 Public IP address which you could publish services on and port forward to internal hosts.

Now they give your router a shared public IPv4 address which provides IPv4 connectivity but when you check your IP address using https://whatismyipaddress.com the IPv4 address is different so from Google I find that they are using CG-NAT which they explain on their website.

Looks like I need to attempt an opt-out as mentioned in the Exetel faq see https://toggen.com.au/it-tips/exetel-opt-out-of-cgnat/


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