Written by James McDonald

April 13, 2011

Just got a HP MINI 110-3538TU Netbook so I can connect back to Work in Australia if needed when I am away from site.


  • It’s small and portable
  • Windows 7 Starter seems to have all that I need (Windows PPTP VPN, Remote Desktop Client (mstsc.exe)).
  • I have installed Libre Office, Gimp, WinSCP, PuTTY and all the other stuff I likes successfully
  • Great for as a travelling companion for web and email


  • The HP Splashtop environment theme is too dark which makes it difficult to see menu options.
  • Not a power house
  • Low res screen (1024×600)
  • No Home and End keys!!!! I didn’t pick this up when I looked at it in the shop doh!!!

Work-a-round for missing Home and End keys HP Mini 110

Key CombinationWhat it does
Fn + Up ArrowPage Up
Fn + Down Arrow Page Down
Fn + Left ArrowHome
Fn + Right ArrowEnd


  1. Jim Beard

    None of these shortcuts works on my HP Mini 110 (though they are supposed to). Fn+Spacebar gives PgDn and Shift+Spacebar gives PgUp. Have found nothing for Home or End.

    • admin

      Don’t quote me but maybe you need to go into the BIOS and try and change the settings to allow it. From memory I tweaked the BIOS but I think that was to turn off the Function 1-10 keys so they worked as F1-10 instead of the HP MIni assigned functions of media control buttons etc.


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