I have moved to Amazon Web Services

Written by James McDonald

July 17, 2017

So tonight I moved my websites to AWS. I logged into AWS and created all my DNS zones and records in Route 53 and then logged into multiple DNS registrars they were registered with and pointed them to Route 53 DNS servers.

I chose the default Amazon Linux AMI and then went to town with installing all the bits and pieces needed to run WordPress, CakePHP and other pieces of supporting software. Because  Amazon Linux is similar to CentOS 6.x there is not a huge learning curve and you don’t have to install the aws-cli because it comes pre-bundled.

So what benefit am I getting from the move?

Well first off it’s definitely not cost.  My Digital Ocean droplet was very good value for money and had all the features that I needed.  AWS will be more expensive. But after completing my Amazon Certified Architect Associate Certification I wanted to try using AWS for my self. And frankly their infrastructure is as they say world class.

So now I have made the move I will probably start using S3 to perform durable backups.

I have deployed my EC2 instance ( A virtual private server, droplet , or virtual machine in other vendors parlance) in Sydney to be  geographically closer to the web audience in Australia. Which should mean quicker load times.

Anyway it’s done. Monday July 17 2017 2:04AM


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