I want my At jobs to have a nice name – Use Schtasks

Written by James McDonald

March 4, 2009

I used at to create a scheduled task that ran at 9:02 every week day:

at 09:02 /every:m,t,w,th,f C:\path\to\my\batchfile.bat

However when looking at the task in the scheduled tasks control panel all you see is At<id number of at job> e.g. At1. I wanted a nice descriptive name like “CheckMyConnection” not the criptic AtX

Enter schtasks (wrapped for readability the command should all be on one line):

schtasks /CREATE 
/TN "CheckLink" 
/ST 09:02:00 
/TR C:\path\to\my\batchfile.bat

Run a job on the 17th of every month at 08:02AM

schtasks /CREATE 
/TN "SendRichohCount" 
/D 17 
/ST 08:02:00 
/TR c:\path\to\my\script.vbs

The problem with both at and schtasks is that I couldn’t figure out how to create a scheduled task that runs multiple times daily. Such as at 09:02:00 and 15:02:00.


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