Last Night In Telarah

Written by James McDonald

May 24, 2015

Tomorrow the removalists come to take our stuff and move us to Melbourne.

Our house in Telarah is now up for rent and I’m looking forward to living in the (more) Southern Climes of Melbourne.

I have sold and thrown away three generations of tools and equipment from my shed, and gotten rid of the timber and building materials that I had stashed under the house. I have simplified back to one toolbox,  1/2″ and 1/4″ drive socket sets, a cordless drill, a 10mm hammer drill, a 4″ angle grinder that’s about it.

This has been cathartic. I no longer feel like I deserve my own episode of Extreme Hoarders.

Anyway this post marks a milestone. Probably when I get to Melbourne I will rebrand this site to something other than “The Telerah Technology Times”…. Watch this space.



  1. Janelle

    I agree it’s a great moment to let go of that role of custodian to the family history/stuff, holding onto it out of some sense of duty. Although I still have a soft spot for the idea of owning a goat…

  2. Denise

    Well James Lisa you have certainly bit the bullet and had the big clean out and down sized, you and your mum have had to close your eyes and be practical over the last 12 months, I think it is four generations by the way. All we can say is enjoy your new assignment and I know Jehovah will look after you both. Hope you got your thermals not to packed away. Love to you Both xo


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