Written by James McDonald

May 24, 2015

Moving and downsizing I wanted to get rid of my Lian-Li cube style desktop computer and get a laptop.

Having been bitten recently with a HP touch screen that is so resource starved that it can take 4-5 minutes to become useable after booting I wanted to go with something that wasn’t Windows(but could run it), and had a Linuxy flavour to it.

My brother recently came to Australia showing off his Macbook Pro 13 and the GM at one of the companies I contract with had one as well. The cool thing was VMWare Fusion running Windows 8.terrible.

So you get the best of both worlds (actually for me it’s the best of three worlds because I also run Fedora 21)

Having used the MBP for a couple of weeks I can say I’m firstly thoroughly impressed with the hardware and the (highly subjective) ‘feel’ of it.

Still on a steep learning curve to Macify my computer usage. I’m trying all the things I understand from Windows and Linux and still noting differences.

After having used the MBP for a serious amount of PHP coding. I’m still pretty happy with it.

I have experienced one complete lock up… requiring a hard reset but other than that it’s been great.

As I continue to use it and the cruft builds it will be great to find out how much it slows down in comparison to a Windows machine.


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