Netgear ReadyNAS – Run a Mile

Written by James McDonald

May 21, 2015

So I purchased a Synology DS415+ recently and was profoundly impressed at the depth of functionality, and how it just works.

Now for a contrast I recently worked on a Netgear ReadyNAS running version 6.2.4 of it’s firmware.

To give it a three word overview: Really really flakey!

The Android and iOS clients for ReadyNAS Remote are voted overwhelmingly 1 out of 5 in their respective app stores. That’s another way of saying they largely don’t work.

The readycloud and readnas remote web portals are inconsistent and confusing. They tend to work for the first registered user on your NAS and then just go postal for additional users.

The Mac readyNAS Remote client would work once and then need to be re-installed each use. To get it to work I had to install the tuntap driver… Why would you not release software that either has or pulls in the correct dependencies?

And also the limited number of apps available for the ReadyNAS… Seems like PPTP and IPSec VPN server components were missing so you couldn’t work around the deplorable mobile device clients.

Since I got the Synology and can now make a contrast. I would say buy a Synology and bury the ReadyNAS in a shallow grave in your back yard.


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