LaTeX Coolness

Written by James McDonald

December 26, 2009

Sorry if this is nerdy but, I love LaTeX…

Professional quality beautiful typesetting. You can create attractive documents with just an installation of tex-live and a text editor.

You also need to install the tex-live extra’s

sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-extra

There is a learning curve. But after a few days of printing and reading the online LaTeX resources. I have managed to create a PDF Version of My Resume from the LaTeX Source of my Resume

The Ubuntu version of moderncv is so old that the LaTeX template_en.tex doesn’t work with it, so you have to download the moderncv* files from CTAN and (to make it easy) plonk them in the same directory as your template_en.tex file.

Another cool feature I discovered perusing the moderncv Tex Code is the marvosym package. With this:


\normalsize tiny \tiny\Mundus

\normalsize small \small\Mundus

\normalsize normalsize \normalsize\Mundus

\normalsize Large \Large\Mundus

\normalsize LARGE \LARGE\Mundus

\normalsize huge \huge\Mundus

\normalsize Huge \Huge\Mundus

You get this:

And the World Globe Icon \mundus in PDF format

There are many different icons for mobile and fixed phone and letters etc in the marvosym package… Cool huh!

Doco here:


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