Written by James McDonald

September 24, 2011

A list of on-line map websites:

  • Nearmap.org (Sadly this has become a paid for service – They do have single user licenses. Good but pricey) In Australia regular over-flight photos high def. Uses Openstreetmap.org’s streetmaps so streetnames are usually missing. Multiview means you can view a location from different angles.
  • Google Maps – Mostly out of date, possibly innaccurate, but has street view. Not updated in Australia so can be a year or more old
  • Where is – Seems to have more up to date street names than Google
  • Open Street Map – Not a lot of use without street names but you can contribute by adding the street names yourself
  • Bing – Google maps for Microsoft fans. In Australia low res satellite images. And appears to be further behind Google in terms of updates (new subdivisions not outlined).
  • http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ – This is good if you are a runner / cyclist and want to figure out how far your latest session took you.


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  1. Dugald

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