Pinterest: Opps! We’re having some trouble talking to <website>. Please try again later!

Written by James McDonald

December 10, 2014

Just tried to add a Pin to my “Home and Beauty”  board on Pinterest and received:

Opps! We’re having some trouble talking to <website>. Please try again later!

Had a look at the image I was trying to pin and its resolution was 2282×2282 pixels making it an approximately 1.2MB file.

Downscaled the image to 320×320 and it worked fine. Also tested another image on the page and discovered that a 1280×1280 image would pin without an error.

So in conclusion I’m not sure of exactly what is the maximum image that Pinterest will scrape and convert from a website site but it’s somewhere between 1280 x 1280 and under 2282 x 2282



  1. Jon Tinkler

    I’m getting the same error with a WP site and the image I’m trying to pin is only 714×1000

    I’m sure there’s something happening at the database end … ?

    Thanks for your post by the way, if anyone can ever post a definitive solution to this it would be super appreciated!

    • Chelsey

      Apparently my other comment came too soon. Jon, I’m responding to you so you’ll see this, too.

      For me, the problem was fixed when I went to my Jetpack settings, deactivated “Photon,” and cleared my cache. Something about Photon was screwing up my pin buttons. I don’t know if you have it activated, but if you do I hope that fixes it!

  2. Chelsey

    My image is 800×1200 and I compressed it so it’s under 1 MB. I wasn’t have any issues with it before today. Thanks for posting, hopefully someone can figure it out….

  3. Tara

    Thank you! It was Photon causing the issue for me, too. Pinterest is working just fine now.

  4. Natasha Daniels

    I am so grateful I stumbled onto this site! I have been trying to figure out why Pinterest stopped working for me. I just deactivated Photon in Jetpack settings and boom – FIXED! Yay! Thanks.


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