Written by James McDonald

April 21, 2011

Trying to install Postbooks on a 32 bit Linux Mint 10 installation.

There has been an error.
/opt/xTuple/postgresql/bin/initdb: error while loading shared libraries: libaudit.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
The application will exit now.

# for Debian/Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install libaudit0

# for Redhat/Fedora
su -c "yum install audit-lib"


  1. Ivi

    I have a Fedora 14 OS, where I am experimenting XTuple -3.7.0 when is about to finish gives me an error libaudit. so.0 not found.
    XTuple-3.7.0-Linux-installer.bin these is what I have installed.
    I have tried Google to see if I can download the libaudit.so.0 and the XTuple Post Books site and no luck.

    Please help me.


    • admin

      To trace this type of missing library error it’s a good idea to go to http://rpmfind.net and search for the library.

      Usually it will return something which will give you a hint as to what library to install.

      This should fix your error.

      yum install audit-libs audit-libs-devel

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