Written by James McDonald

March 24, 2022

I purchased a OnePlus 3T from Kogan July 2018

It has been a good phone but recently I noticed it was starting to get slow. So I started to think about replacing it

However the decision to replace it was forced on me. While on holidays recently in Tasmania I fumbled my phone and dropped it into the WC. It was in there long enough to be completely un-bootable after attempting to dry it out.

So I purchased a new OnePlus 9 from Kogan.com.

When I purchased my 3T it was bought directly from Kogan and it was a European model. This time the OnePlus 9 was purchased on kogan.com from a reseller Eclipse BT Technology and it is the Chinese model with the Global ROM flashed onto it.

I went on the internet and Googled Eclipse BT and found they don’t have a stellar rating. But as I read the multiple negative reviews I noted that the bulk of the complaints are from people who purchased refurbished phones. So I am hoping that by buying a new phone I can avoid a major source of complaints when using this supplier.

My logic behind buying an older OnePlus model is I wish to avoid the flagship premium price of $1100 – $1300 (the OnePlus 9 was $785). The OnePlus 9 also has a Hassalblad camera so the photo quality should be much better than my OnePlus 3T

Time from Order Until Delivery

So how long did it take from when I ordered my phone and it was shipped from Hong Kong to when it was delivered to me in Melbourne? 9 days

Order placed Mon 14/03/2022 7:52 PM, Shipped: 16/03/2022, Delivered: 23/03/2022


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