Using 7z cli to create chunked PST

Written by James McDonald

March 30, 2022

# create a folder to hold the chunks
mkdir archive651

# run the command to split the pst into 1GB chunks and plonk them in the folder
7z a -v1g archive651\archive651 "archive 651.pst"

Just discovered that azcopy is nowhere near as good as the AWS utilities that upload blocks of a file and then stitch it back together.

So trying to upload 16GB – 50+GB pst with flakey network is an excercise in futility

So chunk them using 7z cli as above will create a series of 1GB files that you can then individually copy up and then stitch back together when they get into the cloud.

For a 16GB PST it take about 20-30 minutes to chunk them

Get an MD5SUM on Windows
certutil -hashfile .\gimp-2.10.30-setup.exe MD5

8cf8c1b10feaf991ca982077e2ecbe9b  gimp-2.10.30-setup.exe


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