Written by James McDonald

October 3, 2014

This code is used to create a table using TCPDF the example I got it from used Cell which didn’t word wrap and then when switching to writeCell the borders were messed up so I had to change the code from another example to properly write the cells and their borders.

This is the result:


I’m using CakePHP


$pdf->AddPage('P', 'A4');
        array('Heading1', 'Heading2', 'Heading3'), 
            array('r1col1', 'r1col2', 'r1col3'),
            array('r2col1', 'r2col2 put some data in this cell that is bound to word wrap and see the result for the other cells I hope it works', 'r2col3'),
            array('r3col1', 'r3col2', 'r3col3')

The XTCPDF class is in Vendor/xtcpdf.php and TCPDF is in Vendor/tcpdf

class XTPDF extends TCPDF

    /* function ColoredTable
     * @param $w array of column widths array(40, 30,70);
     * @param array of header names array("Address", "Comment", "Date")
     * @param array of data array( array( r1col1, r1col2, r1col3), array(r2col1, r2col2, r3col3))

    public function ColoredTable($w, $header,$data) {
        // Colors, line width and bold font
        $this->SetFillColor(255, 0, 0);
        $this->SetDrawColor(128, 0, 0);
        $this->SetFont('', 'B');
        // Header
        $num_headers = count($header);
        for($i = 0; $i < $num_headers; ++$i) {
            $this->Cell($w[$i], 7, $header[$i], 1, 0, 'C', 1);
        // Color and font restoration
        $this->SetFillColor(224, 235, 255);
        // Data
        $fill = 0;
        foreach($data as $row) {
            $cellcount = array();
            //write text first
            $startX = $this->GetX();
            $startY = $this->GetY();
            //draw cells and record maximum cellcount
            //cell height is 6 and width is 80
            foreach ($row as $key => $column):
                 $cellcount[] = $this->MultiCell($w[$key],6,$column,0,'L',$fill,0);
            //now do borders and fill
            //cell height is 6 times the max number of cells
            $maxnocells = max($cellcount);
            foreach ($row as $key => $column):
                 $this->MultiCell($w[$key],$maxnocells * 6,'','LR','L',$fill,0);
            // fill equals not fill (flip/flop)
        // draw bottom row border
        $this->Cell(array_sum($w), 0, '', 'T');


  1. Felipe

    Hello James, this help me a lot, thanks. but there’s a issue in the code, if you have some data that occupies more than a single page, the loop writes one single line of the next page, overwriting himself until the end of the loop.

    • Felipe

      this code can fix this:

      $i += $maxnocells;
      if ($i > 23) {
      $this->AddPage('L', 'A4');
      $i = 0;

      edit the condition of the $i in order of your paper type (my example use Landscape A4 )

      • Nanda

        Thank you so much!

      • James McDonald

        Only 5 years after your post. Thanks for this. Didn’t hit this bug because I never made a big table with this code but thanks for posting the fix. Will help me the next time I use it!

  2. alex

    Dear James,

    Maybe you can help me out with tcpdf in landscape orientation and a QR code. I am having trouble with the layout when i turn the tcpdf in landscape.

    For example:
    // add a page
    $pdf->AddPage(‘L’, ”, false, false);

    $pdf->SetAutoPageBreak(false, 0);

    // new style
    $style = array(
    ‘border’ => false,
    ‘padding’ => ‘auto’,
    ‘fgcolor’ => array(0,0,0),
    ‘bgcolor’ => false

    $pdf->write2DBarcode(‘http://www.google.com/’, ‘QRCODE,H’, 0, 1, 100, 100, $style, ‘N’);

    doesn’t work and just
    // add a page
    $pdf->AddPage(‘P’, ”, false, false);

    Will display a bigger QRcode

    • James McDonald

      Very belated reply

      Check out the docs https://tcpdf.org/docs/srcdoc/TCPDF/class-TCPDF/

      write2DBarcode( $code, $type, $x = ”, $y = ”, $w = ”, $h = ”, $style = array(), $align = ”, $distort = false )

      edit the x and y and the location of the barcode on the page will change and edit w and h and the size of the barcode will change to suit

      Also you may need to add module sizing to your style:

      $style = [
      ‘border’ => false,
      ‘padding’ => ‘auto’,
      ‘fgcolor’ => [0, 0, 0],
      ‘bgcolor’ => false,
      ‘module_width’ => 1, // width of a single module in points
      ‘module_height’ => 1 // height of a single module in points

      And the examples give you hints on how to make it work


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