The Wayback Machine – A trip down memory lane

Written by James McDonald

November 23, 2010

If you wonder what content your site had or how it looked months and even years ago may be the place to visit.

I just had a look at my site*/ and there are pages from as far back as 2003. I didn’t even know that I had then. It triggered a little bit of nostalgia to the days when I didn’t rely on wordpress to manage my content. Sigh…

The strange thing when looking at my site at is there are no pages from 2009/2010. I’m thinking that the amount of content on the web is simply too great to archive but looking at’s access logs for today the ia_archiver bot is still scanning the site so I’m not sure why the last two years doesn’t show up.

Anyway check your own site out. You may have flashbacks like I did.


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