Azure VM Types Pneumonic

Written by James McDonald

September 21, 2019

Whatever helps the memory

Nice overview of VM Types or Series

A – BasicAsDev / Test usage
A – StandardAdamGeneral Purpose
B – BurstablebecameRun on CPU credits and can burst
to the full capacity of the CPU
when needed
D – General PurposedustBuilt for enterprise applications.
D series offer premium storage. DC Series protect data in use
E – Memory OptimizedeveryMemory optimized VM sizes offer
a high memory-to-CPU ratio that
are great for relational database
servers, medium to large caches,
and in-memory analytics.
F – CPU OptimizedfollowingHigh compute to memory ratio.
FS offer premium storage
G – Godzillageneration Very large instances
H – HPChasHigh end compute such as molecular
modelling and other scientific
L – Storage OptimizedlostL for LUN.
M – Large MemorymeaningAllows for up to 3.5 TB of RAM
N – GPU enabledneedingGPU optimized VM sizes are
specialized virtual machines
available with single or multiple
SAP HanasalvationCertified to run SAP HANA (High
performance Analytical Appliance)
  • S = Storage
  • M = Memory

Standard_D2s_v3 is D (General Purpose) instance with 2vCPUs and premium storage it is version 3

Standard_B1ls B is burstable 1 is 1vCPU l is only on Linux not exactly sure if s means storage or not


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