Vultr VPS Pricing

Written by James McDonald

September 9, 2014

I’ve used Rackspace & Digital Ocean but I’ve only just became aware of

I only spend about $20USD a month on my 2GB RAM 40GB SSD VPS and I think Rackspace was around the $24 dollar mark. But Vultr is charging $15.00 a month for the same thing.

Of course until I sign up for an account, and attempt to configure a VPS / DNS etc and then see if the service suffers from the proverbial noisy neighbours ( people flogging their VPS CPU and IO which then causes the Physical server to exhaust itself and makes your VPS run slow ).

But if you are doing some development work and you need to spin up a Linux environment within minutes, for the price they are offering, it certainly seems worth trying.

Seriously check out the pricing:


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