Wake-on-Lan MSI b450m pro-m2 Motherboard Ubuntu 22.04

Written by James McDonald

June 14, 2023

Just took a while to get Wake-On-Lan Running on an MSI B450M Pro-M2 motherboard running Ubuntu 22.04

Using the WakeMeOnLan windows utility installed by choco install wakemeonlan and the default settings:

Enable Wake-On-LAN in the BIOS

Press delete at startup to get into BIOS and then in Advanced Mode

Disable ErP: (The MSI docs say disable EUP 2013 but that wasn’t in my BIOS)

Settings => Advanced => Power Management Setup => Erp Read [Disabled]

Enable Wake-On-Lan:

Settings => Advanced => Wake Up Event Setup => Wake Up Event By [BIOS]

Settings => Advanced => Wake Up Event Setup => Resume By PCI-E Device [Enabled]

The rest of the settings under “Wake Up Event Setup” are [Disabled]

Enable Wake-On-LAN in the Operating System

Using the exellent ArchLinux documentation at https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Wake-on-LAN

See the above link as it is better formatted. But copied here so I can refer back if I lose the above link.

I did two things from the above link but I think only one is needed.

1) Add a systemd config file


NamePolicy=kernel database onboard slot path

2) My system is using Network Manager so the effective change is as follows:

Network Manager

NetworkManager provides Wake-on-LAN ethernet support. One way to enable Wake-on-LAN by magic packet is through nmcli.

First, search for the name of the wired connection:

# nmcli con show
NAME    UUID                                  TYPE            DEVICE
wired1  612e300a-c047-4adb-91e2-12ea7bfe214e  802-3-ethernet  enp0s25

By following, one can view current status of Wake-on-LAN settings:

# nmcli c show "wired1" | grep 802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan
802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan:             default
802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan-password:    --

Enable Wake-on-LAN by magic packet on that connection:

# nmcli c modify "wired1" 802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan magic

Then reboot, possibly two times. To disable Wake-on-Lan, substitute magic with ignore.

The Wake-on-LAN settings can also be changed from the GUI using nm-connection-editor.

You can disable Wake-on-Lan for all connections permanently by adding a dedicated configuration file :

ethernet.wake-on-lan = ignore
wifi.wake-on-wlan = ignore


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