Windows 10/11 Software Packages for Workstation Build

Written by James McDonald

September 27, 2022

7z2201-x64.exe7 Zip file archiver and unpacker
Authy Desktop Setup 2.2.1.exeMulti-device authenticator app
ChromeSetup.exeGoogle Chrome – Developer tools
FileZilla_3.61.0_win64-setup.exeSFTP Client
mysql-workbench-community-8.0.30-winx64.msiMySQL Database Management GUI
OBS-Studio-28.0.2-Full-Installer-x64.exeScreen cast recorder
OfficeSetup.exeM$ Office, Teams, OneDrive etc
openvpn-connect- Client
pgadmin4-6.14-x64.exePostgres Admin GUI
readerdc64_en_xa_crd_mdr_install.exeAcrobat Reader
tsetup-x64.4.2.0.exeTelegram Client
VeeamAgentWindows_5.0.3.4708.zipVeeam Backup
VSCodeUserSetup-x64-1.71.2.exeVisual Studio Code
wiztree_4_10_setup.exeFast disk space analyzer
gimp-2.10.32-setup-1.exeOpen source image editor
Greenshot-INSTALLER- Software
ZoomVideo Conferencing Software

Not included in list. Disk encryption and stuff I’ve forgotten


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