Working around Java applets no longer available in Browsers & Printers

Written by James McDonald

October 4, 2022

Since modern browsers stopped allowing Java applets if you try and connect to a printer with a browser all you will see is

But how do you get the same functionality provided by the old browser embedded Java applet?

Goto goto Support & Downloads => Marking => Label Software => Network Manager expand software and download the Network Manager zip and unpack it

To run it you will need a JDK to get this I went to

I choose the older OpenJDK 8 and Windows 64 bit (Although I haven’t tested it with the newer JDK’s)

Once the JDK is installed it associates itself with .jar files so you can just double click cab_network_manager_3_3.jar

And you get a GUI where you can add your printers using Device => New

To make changes select the added device in the right hand pane and then use Tools => Setup to get the familiar configuration dialog


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