Written by James McDonald

December 15, 2012

Sorry I havent blogged been busy swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing.

Phu Quoc pronounced foo kwook is a holiday island with a dark past. It was the home of a prison created by the french in 1953 which was later used by the south vietnamese to incarcerate north vietnamese prisoners. The site of the prison is now a macarbe museum showing the instruments of torture used on the prorisoners to extract information.


But today the island is inline to become another Bali. A shiny new international airport has been built to take direct international flights of sun seeking tourists.

Currently and as a legacy of its communist past the island is very popular with Russian tourists. The menus are in viet, russian and english. I had a Cooktail and Ive been drinking bottled wallter. Engrish.

The night markets are an intereting spectacle. Im not into seafood but the markets have a lovely bunch of order and eat stalls if you do




There a few pearl factories and we visited one to be shown a real pearl


The beaches are great for young families, but not if you are a surfer.


We went for a boat ride to the islands below Phu Quoco did some fishing….


I havent snorkelled for ages but had a great time snorkelling at two different sites. The corral was damaged in places so not much vivid colours but I still enjoyed the experience


Creatures of the sea.


If I was to return I would hire a bike and do the island by just riding up a road and see where it leads.


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  1. Linduse Neuner

    Is it just me or do the crabs look like they are holding hands. Awwweeee two crabs in love. I’m so glad you had fun. James you look berry happy… :o)


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