Holidays – Causing One to Take Stock of Ones Life

Written by James McDonald

March 17, 2007

Today is Saturday and I am approaching the last day of my weeks annual leave from my job. I work as a “Systems Engineer” – which for the company I work for means: “Jack of all Phones and Computers and the bits that tie them together”.

The thing about holidays, and I never understood this as a carefree younger person, is that they unload the daily worries from your shoulders and allow you to look around and see possibilities that you are normally blinded to.

Western life-styles seem to take a lot of concentration. You have a House, Job, “Relationship”, Car, Insurance etc to look after and in this modern world just about all the things we need to maintain a modern day life end up equating to money and trying to juggle it to the greatest effect. So while you try to keep it all in balance the average person, of which I am one, isn’t keen on throwing another ball into mix, but that extra ball – the one which I will call “Investigation into possible life betterment through pro-active changes to employment and / or circumstances” could lead to the greatest gains in your life. Holidays let you grab that one ball and just throw it up and down in one hand without juggling the rest of the day to day concerns and to really ponder on the what if’s.

Now I must say that my ability to grab an issue and ponder it’s roots, trunk, limbs and leaves is limited because I tend to meander mentally. But when thinking about large changes of direction in life I feel I need to be able to do just that. Daily living kind of makes me unable because I have too many things jangling around in the cerebrum.

But these holidays I would have liked to take stock. But ironically I’ve found myself just relaxing and putting the cares of life on hold… I don’t think I have put off the necessity to really take a long look at things. But I now see that it’s possibly better to do what I read about once as the term “Chunking” or breaking things down into bite size peices that can be easily finished in a small amount of time.

The renovations have become an excercise in ‘chunking’ because to look at the entire scope, is to pale and lose heart.

I have just realised I have something else other than writing this to worry about…. Another time perhaps.


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