Written by James McDonald

September 25, 2006

Following is a list of the opensource apps I use and the windows application that they replace.

OSS Application Replaces Remarks
The GIMP Adobe PhotoShop Feature rich image editor. Takes time to get the hang of all the little techniques but is very powerful.
Scribus Microsoft Publisher Has a barcode generator under the extra’s menu. Generates PDF forms and can prepare professional printer ready documents for publication
OpenOffice Microsoft Office Hmm – I’m sort of diappointed by OpenOffice. It needs to be less resource hungry. The database app Base crashes regularly. Writer has trouble with lists and bullet points become a struggle to get right.
Inkscape   SVG Graphical Editor with some really cool font stretch, align, rotate features
Dia Visio Has complete set of Cisco Network/Computer Widgets, easy to use. Falls down badly when printing in Windows. You need to play with all the print settings to get it printing correctly.
Planner Microsoft Project Only recently ported to Windows. I haven’t used this much but it looks well laid out.
Ethereal   Network analyser sniffer
NVU   Lightweight wysiwyg html editor. Development has stalled and bugs tend to hobble this application
Amaya   This is a new one for me some interesting views are possible
Bluefish   This is a html source editor. I like it in Linux so I compiled it under cygwin and use it to edit my companies webpages. The wysiwyg editors tend to put a lot of guff into a page. I use css and just plain html so this web editor means you edit the items attributes that you really need and not the addendums of a wysiwyg editor
PuTTY   ssh/telnet terminal program
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