Wonk — When you have to KNOW

Written by James McDonald

December 27, 2010

A little while ago I was watching an episode of Covert Affairs and it used the term `Wonk’. I had heard the term “Policy Wonk” before in relation to someone employed as a political adviser that had a vast general knowledge of just about everything related to politics and policy.

But I had no idea that WONK meant something…

I discovered that WONK is KNOW in reverse. So to be a Wonk, is to have the urge to know all the details of whatever subject one is interested in.

Funnily enough In Australia when something is `wonky’ it means that it’s not straight or it’s off kilter (imagine something that is plastic that has been heated until it has sagged and you have a visual of wonky).

So being a Wonk is OK but being Wonky isn’t.

Amazing the language as she is spoke.


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