Business NBN100 TPG with Fixed IP

Written by James McDonald

January 23, 2021

So yesterday (22/1/2021) I decided to go with a new service I went from a consumer NBN50 to a “Business” NBN100 product.

The difference in price is $69.99 to $109.99 per month a jump of $40 dollars or $10 a week.

A couple of speed tests a few minutes apart shows the variability of the service but that is to be expected of a contended service.

Download speed differences between NBN50 and NBN100

NBN50 = 344.91 seconds

time wget

344.91 seconds

NBN100 = 156.73 seconds

time wget
Executed in  156.73 secs   fish           external
   usr time    0.92 secs  163.00 micros    0.92 secs
   sys time    8.17 secs  932.00 micros    8.17 secs


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