LedgerSMB Error! No GlobalDBH Configured or Could not Connect


No GlobalDBH Configured or Could not Connect

Just had this error attempting to install LedgerSMB. In my case this was caused by having postgres-8.3 installed and then installing postgres-8.2 the second installation moved the tcp port to a non-standard port 5433.

Postgres-8.3 is the default version for Ubuntu 8.04, but LedgerSMB at the moment requires postgres-8.2

The solution:
apt-get remove –purge postgres-8.3
edit /etc/postgres/8.2/main/postgresql.conf and set the option “port = 5432”
Restart postgres *note don’t do a restart do a start and stop
/etc/init.d/postgres-8.2 stop
/etc/init.d/postgres-8.2 start

Of course you could simply edit ledgersmb.conf and change the [globaldb] section DBport value to be the port which Postgres 8.2 is running on.


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