Written by James McDonald

December 28, 2006

I was just having a look at what packages I have cobbled together my website with, and here is my list.

  • Ubuntu Edgy (I’m not a fan, prefer Fedora Core X, but can’t spend the time to migrate back – Ubuntu is for users)
  • Gallery 2 – Been using this for years and moving it from computer to computer have got about 1.5GB of photos now
  • WordPress – New arrival but ohh so user friendly
  • Joomla – Searched for a content management system. They all cause pain but this caused less. I have absolutely no graphic design sense so a Templated CMS was mandatory


  • After using Ubuntu up till the 7.04 release and then going back to Fedora 7 I now think that in a lot of ways Ubuntu (because of it’s Debian base) is superior to Fedora. Fedora still wins on what I term “system administration” because of its system-config-* style of tools. I presume Ubuntu / Debian has the same tools but they don’t inhabit a coherent namespace.
  • Gallery 2 is still a favourite. Even more so now I have found a cool theme that enables easier navigation and a little flash animation
  • I

  • have moved away from Joomla not because it’s a bad product but I didn’t need it’s power.
    Wordpress has replaced Joomla because I have simple CMS needs


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