Renewal – Why children are great for the whole family

Written by James McDonald

December 28, 2006

One of the facts of our existence is we have only 70 or so years to live before we fall off our perches and join the newspaper and other items at the bottom of our metaphorical cage.

However recently my siblings have decided to reproduce. Yay! I must say it’s brought a breath of the proverbial fresh air into my life and my parents are preening in the light that seems to shine on all grandparents.
Having grown up living with three people over 70 and having them slowly pass away made things a little morbid in our family. Having two gorgeous little girls come to life, has provided a beautiful counterpoint to the sadness I have felt since the funerals of the older members who started passing on around ’96.

My brother & sister have both made the sacrifice of time and sleep and after waiting the obligatory 9 months are now trying out their parenting skills. It’s nice to be able to ask how a child is going and to hear about their latest exploits.

My Wife and I, on the other hand, have currently no plans to travel down the family way. But never say never.


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