Saying “I Love You” Remotely with Festival

Written by James McDonald

June 3, 2008

It’s simple:

Login remotely to your Linux based home computer via ssh.

Create a text file with the contents you want to say in it.

vi ilu.txt
Lisa, I love you.

Then run festival with the following arguments

festival --tts ilu.txt

If all runs well your computer speakers will say what you have written in the text file.

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  1. Kyle Huff

    I get a kick of this, as I often have trouble reaching my wife via telephone. I have used this [festival], and various other methods to communicate with her when she is not logged into any messenger service or reading her email.. I once crafted a VoIP SIP packet with the caller-id “CALL YOUR HUSBAND” and sent it to her PC to be picked up by her call monitor – the actual VoIP line was down, so this prompted her to turn on her cellphone.. I was glowing when it worked! =c )

    My latest tactic was to use zenity to display a dialog so I could get a response from her. example:

    zenity –entry –text “What does the error say honey?”

    Using the –entry option she is able to type a message and press ok, and I get the response in the ssh window as a return value.. I love that she is not using windows anymore…


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