Written by James McDonald

May 30, 2009

I shifted my email for jamesmcdonald.id.au to Google Apps.

However I have found an annoying behaviour for Gmail.

Join an email list (I’m on [email protected]) with your Google hosted email domain.

Send an email to the list.

The traditional behaviour should be that you receive the email you posted back in your inbox and any list replies to your post are under that first email.

Not with Google Apps Mail.

Someone(the same genious’s that developed the loopy tag/All Mail paradigm I’d suggest) has decided that you would never want to be able to receive an email from yourself that originated from an email list. It seems to scrub your returning post.

So if no one replies you can’t see if you have posted or not.

What a crock.

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  1. Steve

    I agree, this has bothered me as well.


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