Written by James McDonald

March 20, 2008

Ever since I posted this regarding typing my name into Google and being on the first page of listings I have noticed that I’ve now become obsessed with staying on the Google search results front page. This is silly because

a. The Telarah Times is not for commercial purposes… yet and
b. There is really no good reason why I would want my website on the first page of a Google search for my name.

Be that as it may. I am finding myself checking to see if I’m on the first page and worrying that I’m slipping.

I’ve somehow managed to get myself on the subscription list to an Australian SEO Industry magazine “Nett” which has the tag line “Take Your Business Further Online”. Besides providing copious page real estate for everyone to spruik their wares, according to them, being up there in the Google results is critical for online business success.

So my name is on the front page of Google’s search results (currently and for however briefly and accidentally). Now if only I could think of something to sell… but sadly I think the entrepreneurial gene is missing from the biological cocktail that makes me. No wait – does anyone want to buy a used dial indicator?

Until next time. cu l8tr


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