Mikael – 5 yr old – Suffers from Seizures #hopeforhh

Written by James McDonald

November 2, 2019

On a recent trip to Europe we caught up with an old friend who had stayed with my wife in Sydney when they were both single.

Since then life has moved on and she has had children.

Visiting with the family we found that Mikael, who is 5, suffers from a large life threatening tumour that affects many aspects of his health and behaviours.

The good news is there is a reputable surgical technique pioneered and developed in the US that can focus energy on the tumour and reduce or remove it. Though relatively new, the therapy has been performed many times on children in the US.

The date of the operation is 31st January 2020

Mikael’s family is raising funds for the procedure so I just wanted to post a link to the fund raising page. Please give, if you can.


From the above page click on “Weiterlesen” and scroll down to see the English translation.


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