Written by James McDonald

October 27, 2019

So I’ve created number of websites and applications in CakePHP 2.x and 3.x

As my coding experience has grown I found invariably I have been struggling with a number of things and while I really appreciated:

  • Cake conventions providing consistent approach to structuring an application
  • Having the ability to quickly get started with automatically baked CRUD views
  • Really good documentation

Over time I’ve become more and more frustrated with what seems like a constant tangle of nested arrays, and having to extensively edit the baked views. And getting Bootstrap 3, 4 to work through the “Helpers” sometimes felt like one too many layers of abstraction and the ORM could defiantly hold out from giving the data I wanted

So today I checked out Laravel and watched the following training video

This is one of the best tutorial videos I’ve enjoyed. I really liked how the subject was something entirely familiar – an Instagram page and a step by step build of features in Laravel including a Vue component

I must say with a background in CakePHP Laravel seems to answer many of my frustrations and I like it’s “opinionated” pre-installation of Vue and Bootstrap 4.x

So looking forward to coming to know Laravel and a nicely integrated Vue (which is apparently more popular with developers than React)

Things that I really liked after this first look

  • Ability to easily switch database environments with .env files which CakePHP 3.x seemed to make difficult
  • php artisan after experiencing the AWS and Azure CLI’s it seems nicely familiar.
  • The already in place login/register framework created by a few simple commands
composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui vue --auth
php artisan migrate


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