Mounting your encrypted Dropbox and Google Drive Folders at Login Gnome 3 ( Fedora 21 )

Written by James McDonald

February 13, 2015

After the Edward Snowden Revelations it’s probably a bad idea to store your documents unencrypted in the cloud. Unless of course you have nothing to hide, no desire for privacy, and store nothing financially sensitive, and believe the US government is unswervingly benevolent.

Anyway for my cloud synced drives that contain encFS folders I was using cryptkeeper to mount them after I logged in, which is great, but I found that it was just another thing to do after login…

So another option is to mount your encfs volumes at login and trust to the Gnome Keyring your encFS credentials and use gnome-encfs to mount the folder.

So I did just that you download and compile gnome-encfs at and then follow the very clear instructions.

I found the /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default script they mentioned didn’t work for me. But under Fedora 21 the following served to unmount the encFS folder at logout.


#wrapped for readability
mount -t fuse.encfs | grep user_id=`id -u $USER` | \
awk '{print $3}'| \
while read MPOINT ; 
sudo -u $USER fusermount -u $MPOINT ; 

Anyway you should probably use client side encryption on your cloud files and have a look at some information on password length from XKCD.


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