Written by James McDonald

May 8, 2009

So I just finished transferring my Gallery 2.3 installation from my old server to Dreamhost.

gFTP has been replaced by FileZilla

In the past on Linux I have used GFTP to do FTP uploads but have found it buggy.

This time I used FileZilla and I must say it performed very well 15,000+ files totalling 5GiB. It took almost 2 days to complete the transfer my connection was 384kbps upload. I did speed it up a bit when I discovered FileZilla has a “maximum simultaneous transfers” setting, bumping it up to about 8 helped 10 was too far and I got failed transfers.

Delete Gallery Caches Before Doing A Gallery 2.3 Server to Server Transfer

One problem with the Gallery 2.3 to Gallery 2.3 transfer was I didn’t think to delete the cached templates and files before I uploaded I’m sure that would have helped.

Comparing the Gallery Photo Data directory size on the old server and on the new after I finally finished the transfer 4.7G and 4.4G respectively proves I should have deleted the cached files before I uploaded.

So it’s all good Gallery is now safely ensconced in it’s new locale


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