Written by James McDonald

May 4, 2012

Just discovered my traffic to this website has dropped by about 50% not sure why, could be the vagaries of searching engine ranking.

Update: Apparently there has been some 52 algorithm changes on Google in April alone so I think I may be the victim of the Google SEO lottery.

I believe my editorial content isn’t any worse or better than usual. But I do notice that page load is slow.

I can’t really blame my Rackspace Cloud Server because from what I can tell from the output of top and free it has plenty of RAM and CPU to spare.

But going through my wordpress install I’m trying to lighten the load by deleting anything that may be increasing page load times.

So I’ve removed the addthis plugin, the follow me twitter plugin, and the nextgen gallery plugin I wasn’t really using.

I’ve noticed page load speed has improved this has been tested in the unscientific “it fells faster” method.


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