Written by James McDonald

January 17, 2015

I’m off on a 3 week lap of Asia. Taking along a Samsung GS4 with 1/3 of a day battery life so I don’t think I’ll be able to capture a full day of events. Although if I am judicious about starting early we might see photos of breakfast buffets…

My wife is taking her iPad and a Camera so I may post stuff using the iPad when we have WiFi.

At the moment I’m downloading and printing Airport Terminal Maps… I am not a lets just wait till we get there kind of guy so to keep me calm and docile while travelling I try and cover as much as I can from home.

I hear that it’s Elephant mating season at the moment, so I’m making a mental note to not go for an Elephant ride unless it, or its associates have no libidinous intent.

Also flying AirAsia, despite their recent history this hasn’t caused too many jitters I think statistically the drive to the Airport will be riskier. Besides whatever the result I draw comfort from John 5:28,29a

Anyway stay tuned for progress posts, if any.


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