Written by James McDonald

May 19, 2011

Just arrived off the train to Zagreb Croatia from Ljubljana it’s 11:31AM.

Ironically we are staying for one night in “Hotel Central Zagreb” not to be confused with Hotel Center Ljubljana which we stayed in whilst in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Haven’t looked around at the moment just getting my wifi sorted in the hotel.

My Android HTC Desire is roaming with “HR VIP” at the moment. I have completely disabled data roaming so I don’t get hit with the exhorbitant data roaming charges that Telstra levies against global roamers. $15AUD per megabyte NO THANK YOU Telstra (I can’t understand why local carriers can do it cheaply and as soon as it passes a national border the price goes north). So I rely on the wifi at accommodation and restuarants to keep my Android in Sync (Gmail, Exchange Email etc).

Lisa is having a nap. The weather is warm enough that she is wearing a skirt although I’m not giving up my under-singlet. I’m kind of old like that.

Anyway we now need to wander out and grab some Kuna’s and a bite to eat.

I’m grabbing some Croatian Phrases to load on my phone so I can try and do the basics in Croatian. When in Rome…

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  1. Cello

    Give up the singlet, James.
    Go and buy yourself something that matches the old fellas in the streets.


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