Written by James McDonald

June 18, 2011

Colesseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill. €12.00 well spent. truly amazing for it’s time. So many sports domes look so much like it (Colosseum) now.

Pantheon: Loved it. Looking a bit dicayed outside but inside splendid.

Still amazed how they managed to raise 20 tonne stones 30metres into the air and plonk them on top of columns like they did.

Trevi Fountain: Meh – My first impression caused by too many people being crowded around was that it wasn’t all that good. But we went back earlier in the day the next day and I had a better look and it’s pretty.

Vaticano: St Peitro’s Basillica amazing. The fact that it took 120yrs to build amazes me. Today if it’s not up in a few years it doesn’t happen.

I looked in wonder at all these impressive old buildings but the modern skyscrapers and mega-structures are probably more impressive but we take them for granted.

Sistine Chapel: The treasures of empires. Testament to the power of the Popes shameless in their luxury. Rev 18

Many a ruin.

The age of everything is phenomenal

Titus’ Arch truly amazing because you can see a fresco (word???) of their triumph over Jerusalem with the lamp stand from the temple shown.

So much to see ruins on ruins, statutes.

Noted several times in Rome men just dropping their rubbish when there was a rubbish bin in view. It’s a shame really.

Dirty rubbish strewn city juxtaposed by the incredibly stylish clean and neat clothing people wore.

Coffee is still a mystery to me. I had several cafe expresso’s but felt ripped off paying for a thimble of water. Switched to Cafe Americano (more like a black coffee).


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