Written by James McDonald

May 13, 2011

So Paris is nothing like Sydney. The bus ride from the Airport showed me modern Paris and like all big cities there was miles and miles of industrial parks and motorways.

After a “sortie” from our accommodation I feel I must repent in dust and ashes. To think that I could think Paris was anything like Sydney, baahhh.

Amazing buildings, Grand open spaces and Gardens (Jardin). Exquisite statutes.

Still not really getting the Romantic Paris thing as yet. That may be because the only couple I have seen getting amorous, called to mind two Walruses Fighting.

The Metro (Paris’ Rail Tranport System) like London’s Tube System can take a day or so to get the hang of but I’m getting there.

Day 1 was a lot of walking and my job sitting in front of a computer hasn’t really perpared me for the distances we covered. I need to harden up a bit…

Today (Day 2) we have a visit to the Catacomb’s and Lunch near the Notre Dame Cathedral planned. My Brother and Sister in-law arrived with their girls last night so we are meeting them for Lunch. Just got to get the Uncle skills out from where I store them and dust them off. I love seeing my nieces. Will be a bit different because we are in PARIS.

OK I have to crack on…


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