Written by James McDonald

May 16, 2011

Yesterday our first visit was to the Musée Rodin, you know, the guy that sculptured the famous “Thinker” statute. We had a tour through the Museum Gardens (Jardins) and had a good time checking out the statutes. He was a talented guy.

We also did the obligatory trip up the Eiffel tower. The fact that we did it with my brother and sister in-law and a stroller. Means I have a certain sense of accomplishment.

I have discovered that I may have a touch of fear of heights. No that’s not entirely correct. I have a deep and abiding fear of human engineering not being up to the task. I did my usual which was checking out the structure instead of getting all I could from the fantastic view. Sigh… Phobia’s.

We also met some friends in Paris for dinner and went to a restuarant near the Champs Elysee (speling?). Then from there we went to see the outside of the Moulin Rouge the line to get into the place was hundreds of metres long. I don’t get what the draw card is. Nicole Kidman and Ewen MacCregor aren’t that interesting. We ended up having a Guiness at an Irish Pub. Then from there we Metro’d it back to the Eiffel to see it all lit up. It was breathtaking.

I did finally get a Crepe ( I had a banana and chocolate one ) near by to the Eiffel tower.

One of the interesting things is the street sellers (mostly African it seems) trying to sell little toy Eiffel towers. There are so many of them and they all are trying to sell you the same thing. You need to say `No Merci’ quite a few times.

My legs which have been killing me since the first day, are still killing me. Which has put a bit of a dampener on my mood (who likes to tramp around while in pain) but I hope they are recovering and will be tough enough and sound for rest of our holiday.

Other than that today (day 5) we are going to “La Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre” and then to the Musee Louvre (yes I know Louvre should be an entire day but we have run out of time).

Will post about it when I get to Slovenia.


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