Written by James McDonald

December 2, 2012

Pronounced H’way we arrived in Hue at about 8AM. Coming off the overnight train from Hanoi.

Train travel ‘deluxe class’ is ok but although you get sleeper berth the rail lines aren’t as straight and level as they are in other countries so you get shaken from side to side for most of the journey. I still manage to sleep.

Once in Hue we stayed at Holiday Diamond Hotel. Which like the Rising Dragon Villa in Hanoi provides first class service from lovely staff.

Hue was an excercise in saying no the Cyclo (sick-low) drivers constantly asking if we wanted a ride around the citadel which is the imperial palace in Hue.


Elephant in grounds of imperial city


Flagstaff outside main entrance to imperial city


Boats on Perfume River Hue


Statute in imperial city grounds


One of the Buildings in the imperial city

The pace of life in Hue is less cramped than Hanoi. But walking around Hue isnt the best option if i was here for a couple of days i would hire a bicycle as a lot of the western tourists I saw had done.

But the constant pressure from Cyclo, Boat Charter, Motorcycle guides became annoying in the day we were here.

This morning Lisa and I are taking a car with driver from Hue to Hoi-an we were originally going to take a bus, but the bus takes a more direct route to Hoi an, via under mountain tunnels and we want to see the scenery so car it is.

Staying only one night in Hue we did go out for dinner and enjoyed a local speciality Banh Beo it was little dishes of pork crackling, shrimp on tapioca. Eaten with  a spoon with a fish sauce style of garnish you pour over the top I was initially worried I wouldnt like it but once i tried it i was very happy with them.

Banh Beo, Morning Glory and Garlic


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  1. Linduse

    Elephants on city grounds, we need that here at Maitland, without the chain. :(. I know I know safety first. How amazing would that be going into town and waving to Mr Elephant as you see him walk down Heritage Mall…:)


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