Skybar Level 33 Traders Hotel Building Opposite Petronis Towers

Written by James McDonald

November 21, 2012

Had a nice tour to the observation level of the Petronis Tower 2. The obs lvl is enclosed so no exposure to the elements @ 362 m above sea level. I was a bit disappointed at how hermetic the tour was but just seeing the engineering of the towers was worth it especially walking across the adjoining sky bridge which is at 170m.


View of Petronis Towers from Skybar Lounge


Skybar across from Petronis Towers


  1. Linda Neuer

    Jerome was in awe at the picture of the Petronis towers, I preffered the picture of you sipping on that pretty drink. The glass is almost the size of your Tonight was the first time I logged on to you blog. So nice of you both to include us on your adventure. Tonight’s meeting was a giggle. Jerome and I got announced as Jerome and Linda Neuger by Bro Herman. A sister was a no show for the 3rd talk, lovely Herman saved the night. A few had a little giggle at the year book part with the pronounication of a African brother all I can remember was the last bit bubu, shame on us I know…:o(. When it was time to sing it wasn’t the same without James. Some parts I could actually hear him in my head. I look forward to seeing/reading more of your adventures. Bear Hugs to you both….xoxo

  2. Linda Neuner

    Not even I can spell my name right….:o)


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